B.A. International Communications
Founder & CEO, ASTRSK PR

New York, New York, USA
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What does being one of Franklin’s 50 for 50 honorees mean to you?

It is such an incredible honor. To represent the university that gave me so much, helped me grow into the man (and businessman) that I have become, the magical place where so many young minds are shaped - feels like a dream. Thank you so much for including me - I do not take this responsibility and honor lightly. I vow to continue to do all I can to support the growth and success of Franklin.

What’s next for you? What’s your five year outlook?

I plan to grow ASTRSK sustainably, doing only work we feel passionate about, not focusing on the bottom line. Impact is the metric we are focused on and over the next 5 years we hope to make an even bigger impact supporting more female founders, person of color founders and LGBTQ+ founders. We have been supporting these communities since launch in the form of investment (I'm an LP in the Female Founders Fund) and via our annual pro-bono contest in which we give away a $250K PR contract to a founder from one of these underrepresented groups).

What’s your favorite quote?

"There are good ships and there are wood ships and ships that sail the seas but the best ships are the friendships and forever may they be" - Unknown (but used by me nightly when I was a bartender at the Sorengo pub).

How do you prepare for a busy day?

Wake up at 7, workout at 8, meditate and then caffeinate.