B.A. International Communications
Senior Director of Alumni Relations, INSEAD

Singapore, Singapore
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Describe your success:

My first big "international experience" was in Hungary where I was a Rotary exchange student in 1998. This experience has also played a significant role in shaping me. After my year in Hungary I was hungry for a more global university experience so I chose Franklin. Upon graduating from Franklin I was offered a job in the Admissions Office, where I was tasked with promoting Franklin to prospective students in Europe and the Americas. After two years in Admissions I accepted a new role in Advancement at Franklin: Director of Alumni and Parent Relations. I served in this role for 6 years where I had the distinct pleasure of working under Bob Pallone (former VP for Advancement), Diana Tedoldi and others. Together we built a foundation for Franklin's alumni and parent engagement/fundraising activities. After a great run at Franklin I decided I was ready for my next challenge and moved to Singapore where I accepted a job with INSEAD in their Advancement department. Today I lead INSEAD's global alumni relations practice, focused on engaging 60,000 alumni in 170 different countries.

Who inspires you and why?

My wife, Winnie Tomlinson and my parents Dana and Rita Tomlinson. They inspire me because they embody the perfect combination of solid values, hard work, kindness and adventure.

What’s next for you? What’s your five year outlook?

I see myself in Singapore for the next 5 years, raising our two boys (David and Noah). Professionally my career is moving more in the direction of general management so a part from leading alumni relations at INSEAD I am moving into a space where I am taking on more responsibilities for the overall management of INSEAD's Advancement operation.