Ever fantasized about being a student at a Swiss and U.S. university campus? You are now one academic summit away.

Come and join us at our annual event in Lugano and get involved in a series of full day workshops and activities designed for high school students. Take advantage of this unmissable opportunity to reflect upon hot topics and trends in today’s world.

Franklin will help with transportation expenses to our campus in Lugano from within Switzerland. Housing and meals will also be provided.

Registration deadline: February 1, 2019


What will you do at the event?

  • Meet with international student ambassadors
  • Experience a university lecture in English
  • Join small workshops covering topics related to the main theme
  • Engage with leading members of our faculty
  • Explore new industry trends
  • Have dinner on campus with fellow participants
  • Stay overnight on campus and experience Lugano
  • Receive a Certificate of Participation

Conference of the day

Climate Change: Swiss realities and Swiss future

Even though climate change has been recognized by the majority of Swiss citizens as the main threat that Switzerland faces in the near and long-term future, many still do not understand what climate change means for Switzerland, what can be done to limit it and what needs to be done to prepare for the inevitable impacts it will bring.

Brack Hale, PhD
Professor, Biology and Environmental Sciences
Franklin University Switzerland

Patrick della Croce, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biology and Environmental Sciences
Franklin University Switzerland