Italy: Politics, Culture, and Society (Puglia)
Fall 2016 Academic Travel

Dylan George

Q: Briefly describe your Academic Travel course - what is the concept behind the course, what did you learn about, and where did you go for the travel component?

A: Our travel course took us to Puglia in which we explored as much of the southern Italian region as one could in so little time. We were shown the lasting legacy of Italian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, even the Ottoman Empire in the region. We learned of the a uniquely different culture within Italy compared to other regions. By the end we learn or will have tried to learn the identity of the region.

Q: What surprised you during Academic Travel?

A: What surprised me was the massive impact the Turks and or Turkish pirates had on the region. As a result of their raiding and attacks, much of the culture and architecture has grown accustomed towards that. Many castles and cities are built as fortifications rather than trading centers.

Q: What was your most memorable experience during Academic Travel?

A: To be one hundred percent honest the most memorable experience was the food and the wine. Nothing compares to the food in Puglia - I could live off of that food.


Q: Is there a course project? If so, what is it and how is it supplemented by the travel component?

A: Yes. Each student is to write a comprehensive essay on a topic that we broach on travel. The topic selection is vast as there is so much to choose from, from fascism to organized crime.

Q: What was your favorite learning moment during Academic Travel?

A: When it comes to favorite learning moment I don't really have one singular one, but many. One was seeing the actual lasting impact of fascism firsthand, and another was seeing how the political situation of an era can really change so much about the identity of a region.

Dylan George is an International Relations and International Economics Double Major from the US.

First published by Gabrielle Kincheloe in the Adventures at Franklin blog.