The Craft of Teaching: Practical Strategies for the Contemporary Classroom

3 semester credits / 6 ECTS credits
July 8-July 18 (housing available July 6-July 20)

This two-week summer workshop for teachers, professors, and administrators will focus specifically on several human dilemmas of the twenty-first century at both the micro and the macro levels. The course will be divided into two sections: in the morning, teachers will focus on themselves and their needs in the classroom.  Teachers will learn collaborative skills for lesson planning and create lessons they may use in their classrooms for September with meaningful discussion on new practices and assessment. Four components, ranging from the teacher as reader and writer, as well as the teacher as foundation for multi-modal literacies, will help teachers develop their educational tool boxes.

In the afternoon, teachers will consider how they are practicing their craft during one of the most significant inflection points in history, taking into consideration how accelerations in technology, globalization, climate change, immigration, and population growth affect their classrooms and students. The afternoon sessions will explore the rapidly changing nature of education and work with participants to understand better how to meet the needs of diverse student populations. Participants will come away with strategies for coping with student anxieties influenced by new technologies and the fast-paced changes of the twenty-first century.

The course and tuition includes a three-day field trip to Luzern and Zurich so as to introduce participants to work being done in the field here in Switzerland.

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Beatrice Bridglall
Bergen Community College
Ed.D. Columbia University

Donna Clovis
Rider University
Ed.D. Columbia University

Cost of Program

Tuition and Fees Cost
Tuition and Housing $3,300.00
Optional Dining Credit $150.00

*A non-refundable enrollment deposit of 115 $/CHF will be required upon acceptance into the program

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