Professor, Economics and Finance

Ph.D. in Economics, Rutgers University, NJ, USA
M.A. in Economics, Rutgers University, NJ, USA
Laurea magistrale with Honors in Political Economy, Bocconi University, Italy

Office: Lowerre Academic Center, North Campus, Office 2
Phone: +41 91 986 36 32

Andrea Terzi is Professor of Economics at Franklin University Switzerland and Research Associate at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, New York. He has taught at Rutgers University, the Institute for International Studies in Florence, the European College of Parma, and Catholic University. His research interests include central banking, monetary operations, macro-financial accounts, and the effects of monetary and fiscal policy on private savings and aggregate demand.

He has authored numerous scholarly articles in the fields of macro-monetary economics. Terzi’s co-authored and co-edited 2007 book from Palgrave Macmillan (Euroland and the World Economy) offered an early diagnosis of Europe’s unsustainable path, and his commentary on the Euro crisis and the flaws of conventional monetary economics has been highlighted in the media.

Terzi holds a degree with honors in political economy from Bocconi University and a Ph.D. in economics from Rutgers University, was a Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute, and serves on the editorial boards of the European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies: Intervention and the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics.


2021-2022 Courses

ECN 100 Principles of Macroeconomics FALL 2021
ECN 225 Issues and Controversies in Macroeconomics (Intermediate Macroeconomics) FALL 2021
ECN 325 Money, Banking and Financial Markets FALL 2021
ECN 515 The Governance of Money FALL 2021
ECN 125T Venice: Economic History and Current Challenges SPRING 2022
ECN 328 International Banking and Finance SPRING 2022
ECN 497 Research Seminar in Economics and Finance SPRING 2022


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Honors and Achievements:

Jean Monnet fellow, European University Institute, Firenze

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Roma

Italian Ministry of Education Fund 40% - Research of National Interest

Louis Bevier Fellowship, Rutgers University

Ente per gli studi monetari, bancari e finanziari Luigi Einaudi – Banca d’Italia, Roma