Luca Triacca

Luca Triacca

Adjunct Professor, Communication and Media Studies
Scientific Director and Project Manager, MSIM.e Program

Ph.D. University of Lugano, Switzerland
M.Sc. University of Lugano, Switzerland

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Luca Triacca is a partner and founder of Your Interface SA, a full-service online marketing and communication agency. As a communication practitioner, his primary interest is to help companies and organizations improve their communication effectiveness using digital media. His early research focused on the development of methodologies for improving the user experience for interactive and digital applications (e.g. information intensive websites).


Journal Articles (with peer review):

Triacca L., Speroni M., Bramani C. (2005). Understanding Semiotic Issues in Usability Evaluation of Cultural Heritage Websites: the Dice case study, Studies in Communication Sciences, No. 2., Lugano, 2005.

Conference Proceedings

Triacca L., Inversini A., Bolchini D. (2005). Evaluating Web Usability with MiLE+, Website Evolution, Budapest, Hungary.

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Triacca L., Cantoni L., Meda M., Meloni C, (2005). L'Impatto dell'ICT sul Sistema Legno-Arredo. Dissemination Report, Progetto Interreg IIIA e-LE.AR.NING CHANNEL, Lugano (Switzerland)- Cantù (Italy).

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Research Interests:

Digital communication and marketing, brand design, innovation management, ecommerce & ebusiness, usability & user-centered design, intercultural communication, organizational communication.