Roberto Cordon

Roberto Cordon

Executive in Residence, International Relations and Management
Department Co-Chair, International Relations and Political Science

Ph.D. Study (ABD), The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA
M.A. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA
B.S.E. Princeton University, USA

Office: Lowerre Academic Center, North Campus, Office 7
Phone: +41 91 986 36 71
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Roberto Cordón pursued graduate studies in Multinational Management and Political Economy at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering, International Relations and Latin American Studies at Princeton University. Prior to coming to Franklin University, Prof. Cordón worked for many years as a Manager of Training Programmes at the International Trade Centre (an agency of the UN and WTO) in Geneva and consulted for various other UN agencies, including the ILO and UNCTAD.

A native of Guatemala, Prof. Cordón has travelled extensively around the world for research, teaching and consulting purposes. His research has focused on the interphase between politics and management, particularly concerning the work of international organizations in developing countries. He has taught at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and The Wharton School, and has held visiting appointments at Fundação Dom Cabral (Brazil) and Universidad Francisco Marroquín (Guatemala). As a consultant, Prof. Cordón has specialized in technical cooperation, strategic analysis and capacity-building projects in developing countries, working with government ministries and international aid agencies in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

2018-2019 Courses:

BUS 135Introduction to Business SystemsFALL 2018
BUS 410WOrganizational Behavior and LeadershipFALL 2018
POL 321International OrganizationFALL 2018
TVL 358Georgia: Observing Social and Economic TransitionFALL 2018
BUS 135Introduction to Business SystemsSPRING 2019
BUS 353International Management Theory and ConceptsSPRING 2019
POL 204Government and Politics of Latin AmericaSPRING 2019
BUS 135Introduction to Business SystemsSUMMER 2019
POL 100Introduction to Political ScienceSUMMER 2019

Selected publications:

  • with Warren, A., et al., "Stakeholder Perceptions in Sub-Sahara Africa of Private Financial Assistance for Health and Principles of Aid Effectiveness", submitted to the International Journal of Health Policy and Management.  (conditional acceptance)
  • with Warren, A., et al., “The Global Fund's paradigm of oversight, monitoring, and results in Mozambique”, Globalization and Health (2017) 13: 89.
  • with Herden, T., "The Evolving Nature of Multinational Diplomacy", Diplomatist Annual Edition 2016.
  • "The End of an Era", Diplomatist Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 7., 2014
  • "The Political Framework of Privatizations in Chile", World Bank working paper, 1993
  • "The Reform of Mexican Public Enterprises", World Bank working paper, 1993

Honors and Awards:

  • Dean’s Fellowship, The Wharton School, 1990-1993
  • Woodrow Wilson School Senior Thesis Prize, Princeton University, 1988
  • TAU BETA PI and PHI BETA KAPPA Honor Societies

Research Interests:

  • Organizational management of multinational institutions (both public and private)
  • Comparative politics of privatization
  • Multi-cultural leadership