TVL 237 New York/Washington

TVL 237 New York/Washington

Academic programs: International Banking And Finance Major

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The degree in International Banking and Finance is designed to promote an appreciation of the financial system and the financial decision-making process as determinants of the economic wealth of individuals, business enterprises, and nations. The program stresses both the area of financial economics (studying the behavior of traders in financial markets and the determinants of price formation) and of financial management (studying business practices useful in devising strategies to attain financial goals). In an environment of high capital mobility and integrated financial markets, an international perspective is essential to the understanding of the opportunities and risks in the global arena.


  • Poulomi Dasgupta

  • Giuseppe Colangelo

  • Andrea Terzi

  • Luca Colombo


Throughout the program special attention is given to the process of globalization of banking services and financial markets, the changes following the introduction of the Euro, and the causes of financial instability. The B.A. in International Banking and Finance degree provides the knowledge and skills for employment in the financial division of commercial and industrial businesses, or in the banking and financial services sector. It also prepares students for graduate study in business administration, economics, and finance.

International Banking and Finance Major Requirements