Major Requirements (48 Credits)

Italian Language (18 Credits)

Required courses (or equivalent proficiency):

ITA 100Introductory Italian, Part I
ITA 101Introductory Italian, Part II
ITA 200Intermediate Italian, Part I
ITA 201Intermediate Italian, Part II
ITA 300Advanced Italian, Part I
ITA 301Advanced Italian, Part II
Upper-Level Italian Language or Italian Studies (18 Credits)

At least 9 credits must be Italian Language courses

ITA 302Advanced Italian Conversation
ITA 350Topics in Italian Cultural Studies
ITA 370Readings in Italian Literature
ITA 373Italian Film and Society
ITA 374Italian Cinema
ITA 375Italian Film Adaptation: From the Page to the Screen
IS 120TItalian Tales of Courtship, Beauty, and Power
IS 274Italian and Italian-American Cinema
IS 275Modern Italian Poetry
IS 276The Italian Short Story
IS 277Italian Storytelling from Page to Stage
IS 278Italian Genre Crossings, Transmedia, and Hybridity
IS 279Italian Myths and Counter-Myths of America
IS 280TItalian Cinema on Location: Projections of the Eternal City in Italian Film and Cultural Studies

Note: Italian Studies courses are taught in English.

Major Electives (6 Credits)

Two of the following:

AHT 231Renaissance Art and Architecture in Italy
ARC 200Practicum in Archaeology
COM 105Introduction to Communication and Media Studies
COM 201Fundamentals of Media Studies and Criticism
ENV 230TFreshwater Conservation
CLCS 200Gender and Sexuality in a Global Context
ENV 350Environmental Management in Switzerland
HIS 202THistory of Switzerland
HIS 204History of Italy from the Renaissance to the Present
HIS 351Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in Europe
POL 223TItaly: Politics, Culture and Society
STA 209The Video Essay: From Conception to Projection
STA 279The Video Essay and Photography on Location in Europe
STA 275TStudies in Ceramics: Northern and Central Italy
STA 280TAdventures in Printmaking
STA 330TUmbria: A Warm Refuge for Inspiration: Art, Music and Life in Umbria, the Heart of Italy
STA 331TUmbria: Sustaining Art in the Heart of Italy
Capstone Requirement (6 Credits)
IS 497Senior Seminar in Italian Studies

One of the following:

IS 498Internship in Italian Studies
IS 499Thesis in Italian Studies

*All Bachelor of Arts degrees require a total of 120 credits consisting of Core Requirements, Major Requirements, and General Elective courses. Prerequisites may be required for courses outside of the major.