Major Requirements (45 Credits)

Foundation Courses (6 Credits)
LC 100The Stories We Live By
LC 110Reading Cultures: Approaches to Cultural Studies
Major Courses (18 Credits)

Six courses from the following (18 Credits). At least two courses must be at the 300-level.

CLCS 245Critical Approaches to the Graphic Novel: Justice in the Gutter
ENV 220Ecocritical Approaches to Literature
LIT 221TBloomsbury Britain: Art, Craft, Culture
LIT 236TPrague on the Page: Alienation and Absurdity
LIT 243On Being Human
LIT 254Introduction to Postcolonial Literatures and Theories
LIT 255TScotland, Story and Song
LIT 256Britain in Fragments: Literary Production from 1945 to the Present
LIT 300Modernism/Modernity: "Making It New"?
LIT 305Home
LIT 320Elective Ties: Love, Friendship, Community
LIT 345Laughter, Literature, and Culture
LIT 353Advanced Studies in Postcolonial Literatures
Literary Contexts (9 Credits)

Three of the following, at least one of which must be at the 300-level:

AHT 213Art and Ideas: Exploring Vision
AHT 216Introduction to the History of Photography
CLCS 200Gender and Sexuality in a Global Context
CLCS 371Law and Culture
CLCS 360Critical Race Studies in a Global Context
COM 301Globalization and Media
HIS 211The Human in History: Biography and Life Writing
HIS 358Global Britishness
IS 279Italian Myths and Counter-Myths of America

or one upper division French, German or Italian class in the original language.

Professional Pathways (6 Credits)

Two of the following:

COM 201Fundamentals of Media Studies and Criticism
COM 310Issues in Journalism
CRW 100Introduction to Creative Writing
CRW 110TParis Protagonist: Lost in Translation
FRE 303French Translation
STA 106Introduction to Printmaking
STA 206Intermediate Printmaking
Capstone Requirement (6 Credits)
LC 497Capstone: Comprehensive Readings in CLCS and Literature

and one of the following:

LC 498Capstone: Internship in CLCS or Literature
LC 499Capstone: Thesis in CLCS or Literature

*All Bachelor of Arts degrees require a total of 120 credits consisting of Core Requirements, Major Requirements, and General Elective courses. Prerequisites may be required for courses outside of the major.