Major Requirements (42 Credits)

Required Courses (9 Credits)
AHT 102Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture I: Antiquity to Early Renaissance
AHT 103Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture II: High Renaissance to Contemporary Art
COM 105Introduction to Communication and Media Studies
100-Level Courses (6 Credits)

Two of the following:

STA 105Introduction to Sculpture
STA 106Introduction to Printmaking
STA 107Introduction to Digital Photography
STA 111Introduction to Drawing
STA 115Introductory Painting
STA 125Basic Design
VCA 120TDocumentary and Street Photography on Location: Munich
200-Level Courses (9 Credits)

Three of the following:

STA 200Computer Graphics in Advertising
STA 205Intermediate Sculpture
STA 206Intermediate Printmaking
STA 207Intermediate Digital Photography
STA 211Intermediate Drawing
STA 215Intermediate Painting
STA 220Heads and Bodies: the Human Head and Proportions in Art History, Theory and Practice
STA 235Sustainability and the Studio
STA 275TStudies in Ceramics: Northern and Central Italy
STA 280TAdventures in Printmaking
Upper-Level Courses (6 Credits)

Two of the following:

STA 300Computer Graphics in Advertising, Advanced
STA 305Higher Sculpture
STA 306Advanced Printmaking
STA 307Advanced Digital Photography
STA 311Advanced Drawing
STA 315Higher Painting
STA 330TUmbria: A Warm Refuge for Inspiration: Art, Music and Life in Umbria, the Heart of Italy
STA 331TUmbria: Sustaining Art in the Heart of Italy
VCA 370Topics in Visual Communication Arts
Major Electives (9 Credits)

Three of the following, with at least one at the 300-level:

BUS 285Integrated Marketing Communications
CLCS 200Gender and Sexuality in a Global Context
CLCS 220Inventing the Past: The Uses of Memory in a Changing World
CLCS 230Science / Fiction: Envisioning the Possible
CLCS 245Critical Approaches to the Graphic Novel: Justice in the Gutter
CLCS 250Ecocritical Approaches to Film
CLCS 300Masculinities in Literature and Film
CLCS 340Fashion and Popular Culture
CLCS 350Culture and Human Rights
CLCS 360 Critical Race Studies in a Global Context
CLCS 371Law and Culture
CLCS 372Tales of Catastrophe
COM 201Fundamentals of Media Studies and Criticism
COM 202Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
COM 225TTechnologized Bodies: Mobile ICTs in the City
COM 230TCommunication, Fashion, and the Formation of Taste (Italy)
COM 295Media Consumption, Fashion, and Identity
COM 301Globalization and Media
COM 302Intercultural Communication: Theory, Research, and Practice
COM 327Producing Digital Media: Communication and Media in Practice
COM 347Organizational Communication
COM 352Environmental Discourses
FRE 374Introduction to French Cinema
FRE 376French Cinema: The New Wave
GER 373German Film as Medium of Culture
ITA 373Italian Film and Society
ITA 374Italian Cinema
ITA 375Italian Film Adaptation: From the Page to the Screen
LC 110Reading Cultures: Approaches to Cultural Studies
LIT 243On Being Human

or any AHT course

Senior Capstone (3 Credits)

One of the following:

VCA 495Senior Project in Visual Communication Arts
VCA 497Visual Communication Arts Internship
VCA 499Visual Communication Arts Thesis

*All Bachelor of Arts degrees require a total of 120 credits consisting of Core Requirements, Major Requirements, and General Elective courses. Prerequisites may be required for courses outside of the major.