Major Requirements (42 Credits)

Required Courses (9 Credits)
AHT 102Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture I: Antiquity to Early Renaissance
AHT 103Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture II: High Renaissance to Contemporary Art
COM 105Introduction to Communication and Media Studies
100-Level Courses (6 Credits)

Two of the following:

STA 105Introduction to Sculpture
STA 106Introduction to Printmaking
STA 107Introduction to Digital Photography
STA 111Introduction to Drawing
STA 115Introductory Painting
STA 125Basic Design
VCA 120TDocumentary and Street Photography on Location: Munich
200-Level Courses (9 Credits)

Three of the following:

STA 200Computer Graphics in Advertising
STA 205Intermediate Sculpture
STA 206Intermediate Printmaking
STA 207Intermediate Digital Photography
STA 211Intermediate Drawing
STA 215Intermediate Painting
STA 220Heads and Bodies: the Human Head and Proportions in Art History, Theory and Practice
STA 235Sustainability and the Studio
STA 275TStudies in Ceramics: Northern and Central Italy
STA 280TAdventures in Printmaking
Upper-Level Courses (6 Credits)

Two of the following:

STA 300Computer Graphics in Advertising, Advanced
STA 305Higher Sculpture
STA 306Advanced Printmaking
STA 307Advanced Digital Photography
STA 311Advanced Drawing
STA 315Higher Painting
STA 330TUmbria: A Warm Refuge for Inspiration: Art, Music and Life in Umbria, the Heart of Italy
STA 331TUmbria: Sustaining Art in the Heart of Italy
VCA 370Topics in Visual Communication Arts
Major Electives (9 Credits)

Three of the following, with at least one at the 300-level:

BUS 285Integrated Marketing Communications
CLCS 200Gender and Sexuality in a Global Context
CLCS 235TGreek Civilizations and Their Discontents
CLCS 245Critical Approaches to the Graphic Novel: Justice in the Gutter
CLCS 250Ecocritical Approaches to Film
CLCS 300Masculinities in Literature and Film
CLCS 350Culture and Human Rights
CLCS 360 Critical Race Studies in a Global Context
CLCS 371Law and Culture
CLCS 372Tales of Catastrophe
COM 201Fundamentals of Media Studies and Criticism
COM 202Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
COM 225TTechnologized Bodies: Mobile ICTs in the City
COM 230TCommunication, Fashion, and the Formation of Taste (Italy)
COM 295Media Consumption, Fashion, and Identity
COM 301Globalization and Media
COM 302Intercultural Communication: Theory, Research, and Practice
COM 327Producing Digital Media: Communication and Media in Practice
COM 347Organizational Communication
COM 352Environmental Discourses
FRE 374Introduction to French Cinema
FRE 376French Cinema: The New Wave
GER 373German Film as Medium of Culture
ITA 373Italian Film and Society
ITA 374Italian Cinema
ITA 375Italian Film Adaptation: From the Page to the Screen

or any AHT course

Senior Capstone (3 Credits)

One of the following:

VCA 495Senior Project in Visual Communication Arts
VCA 497Visual Communication Arts Internship
VCA 499Visual Communication Arts Thesis

*All Bachelor of Arts degrees require a total of 120 credits consisting of Core Requirements, Major Requirements, and General Elective courses. Prerequisites may be required for courses outside of the major.