Minor Requirements (18 Credits)

This minor offers students the opportunity to think about, and intervene in, the media forms they consume by explicitly studying the cultures, processes, and practices of production. Courses in the minor investigate questions surrounding the sociology, politics, and economics of production, the formation of taste and consumption practices. In addition to getting a solid grounding in key concepts in and critical approaches to literary and media production, students will also gain the opportunity to engage in production practices brought together with Practicum requirement in the form of an internship. This is an ideal minor for students aspiring to careers or further education in the media and literary industries, but also those who seek to intervene in craft culture by making in small but significant ways.

Foundation Courses (6 Credits)

COM 201Fundamentals of Media Studies and Criticism

Elective Courses (6 Credits)

May not overlap with a student's major(s) or minor(s). Only one may be at the 100-level.

BUS 385Consumer Behavior in International Marketing
COM 105Introduction to Communication and Media Studies
COM 203Communication Research Methods
COM 295Media Consumption, Fashion, and Identity
COM 301Globalization and Media
COM 310Issues in Journalism
CRW 100Introduction to Creative Writing
CRW 325Advanced Creative Writing Workshop
STA 106Introduction to Printmaking
VCA 200The Arts of Independent Publication

Academic Travel Courses (3 Credits)

COM 220TSymbolizing Scottish Folk
COM 230TCommunication, Fashion, and the Formation of Taste (Italy)
STA 280TAdventures in Printmaking