Take your first steps toward a degree in Switzerland.

Franklin University Switzerland has several programs available for students who may need some additional preparation before being accepted as a full-time university student.  Whether your needs are academic or language-based, Franklin can help you obtain your goals while you take courses that will count toward a university degree, even if you plan to complete your degree elsewhere. All students in our preparatory programs participate in Academic Travel, experience all of the benefits of a Franklin Boundless Exploratory Education and live in the safe, cross-cultural environment of Lugano, Switzerland.

Academic Year at Franklin

The Academic Year at Franklin program provides you with a year of personal, academic growth while you earn university credit.  Franklin is accredited in both the US and Switzerland, so many of the credits you earn will be transferrable to other institutions.  You can have an international experience while building the skills you need to succeed in completing your degree, and if after that year you meet or exceed the criteria for admission as a full-time student to Franklin, you can continue your studies here.  The Academic Year program is divided into two tracks:

Bridge Track

The Bridge Track program is designed for students who can benefit from some additional preparation for studying in an English-speaking university environment and want to get it in a supportive, full-immersion setting.

Advanced Track

The Advanced Track is designed for students with excellent English skills who can benefit from some foundation studies and would like to pursue those studies while having an international experience.

The International Gateway Program

The International Gateway Program is for students who can benefit from some intensive preparation in English language study at the university level.  It is an accelerated program that seeks to provide this preparatory experience over 7 months, beginning in January and continuing through July.  Successful participants in the program will be on track for entering a university program the following fall semester.