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Franklin University Switzerland


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Accredited in the U.S. and Switzerland

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Employed Full-Time Within 12 Months

About Franklin

Discover Franklin University Switzerland, the only interdisciplinary liberal arts university in Switzerland that combines the best of both U.S. and Swiss education.

Known as a center of excellence in education, students studying in Switzerland share the excitement of discovery, the rewards of learning, our defining traditions, and the collective satisfaction of having a meaningful impact on the wider world.

Unsure about travel to Switzerland during COVID-19? Our hybrid model is the solution.

Franklin is resilient and committed to its mission of educating responsible global leaders, and has created a support system to ensure students' safety and health during COVID-19, while classes continue in the classroom and students participate remotely as needed. Fall 2020 has been a complete success, with zero cases of COVID-19 on campus, and a comprehensive action plan to minimize the effect in the event of an outbreak.

Choose from the following Bachelor of Arts Programs:

Art History and Visual Culture

Communication and Media Studies

Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies

Environmental Studies

Fashion Studies

French Studies


International Banking and Finance

International Economics

International Management

International Relations

Italian Studies


Political Science


Social Justice and Sustainability

Visual Communication Arts

Experience the World with Academic Travel

At Franklin learning is more than reading books, taking notes and memorizing facts. As an integrated part of the curriculum, Franklin students travel to multiple locations to both experience first-hand what they learned in the classroom and gain insights directly from people who research, work and live in these places. Academic Travel takes place for two weeks every semester as part of a student’s course schedule and is included in tuition.