This fall semester, despite the ongoing challenges of COVID, Franklin University Switzerland is welcoming students back to campus. While many universities around the world will be doing distance learning only this semester, we are fortunate. Our small size, our location in Switzerland, and our strong community helps us to be committed to one another’s wellbeing.

Our success depends on everyone’s participation. We have a comprehensive plan to ensure everyone’s health and safety as we live and learn together on campus. We all pledge to follow this plan because it is essential to our success. Leadership means demonstrating kindness and compassion; it means accepting personal responsibility for one’s actions and acknowledging one’s role in the protection of one’s community and family.

All Franklin students, faculty and staff are "Taking the Pledge" to participate in making sure that our campus continues to be a healthy environment for everyone. As a gesture of solidarity, we encourage you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to show your support for the Pledge. #FranklinWePledge

Take the Pledge

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