Be a Responsible Innovative Global Leader

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We think that the sustainability of a business depends on creating long-term value. To do this, we think you need to have the business acumen to understand complex organizations and the courage of conviction to make difficult decisions. If you think like us, and are interested in a management career, join us.

We prepare students to be effective, international leaders who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Get the skills you need to add meaningful value and make organizations sustainable. Our program requires a two-month Practical Experience, international Academic Travel, and intensive, year-long leadership development which includes one-on-one professional coaching.

One year can change everything

Each year's cohort is shaped by your presence: you progress through the entire program together. This model facilitates collaborative learning and encourages the class to act as a team, similar to the dynamic you find in the work place.

The academic year opens with an intensive foundation week introducing the new class to the program, the faculty and the university while getting a pulse on the backgrounds and skills that you bring to the cohort. We follow a semester system with a one-month break from mid-December to mid-January.

Academic Pathway

The one-year program is conducted over two semesters and the summer. Each semester is 16 weeks, divided into two core sessions of seven weeks, with a mid-term period of two weeks. The fall mid-term session is dedicated to seminar courses on current topics and the spring mid-term is when the cohort goes on Academic Travel.

The Leadership Program and preparation for your Practical Experience run over the entire year. Over the summer, you conduct the Practical Experience.


Why choose Franklin?

The curriculum: one-year master’s degree in Switzerland focusing on international management skills required to use technology effectively to add value inside organizations and corporations

The place: A Swiss and US accredited university located in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland

The knowledge: International Business Management skills that can be applied in any industry, with a focus on digital and fashion

The experience: A master’s abroad that focuses on practical application of digital business in the fashion industry

The program:

Theory: Academic Perspectives

Experience: Industry Expert Perspectives

Practice: Management Perspectives

Travel: Cultural Perspectives

Our students are poised to be responsible and innovative global leaders who understand that creating sustainability in business is an essential part of being successful.

Corinne Young, Professor of International Management and Director of Graduate Studies

Program Director Corinne Young with MSIM student
Aerial view of Franklin campus and Lugano
Foodcorp simulation team presentation