From Germany, to Canada, to Malaysia, to the United States, to Venice and finally to Franklin, Professor Johanna Fassl has made an impact on her students, peers and friends. A professor of Art History and Visual Communications, she has an eye for not only the arts, but humanity in itself.

Professor Fassl grew up in Munich, Germany, where she was exposed to and participated in some incredible opportunities including professional skiing, visiting world-renowned art exhibitions and receiving a highly rewarding education. Her extraordinary schooling highlighted the importance of an open mind, which she has evolved through her intercultural approach to life. Professor Fassl has taken a global approach to her classroom by highlighting the international nature of Franklin, and valuing the different points of view among her students. Her progressive past has inspired an outgoing future by traveling the world, impacting the lives of her students, and giving back to the global community that shaped her.

By bringing her passion for art, fashion, sports and the outdoors into the classroom, Professor Fassl has inspired countless students throughout her time at Franklin. Through her compassionate leadership, alongside Professor Caroline Wiedmer, she co-founded the Scholarships Without Borders Program; an initiative which provides the opportunity for refugees to receive a second chance in life, thanks to a university-level education on full scholarship. Her dedication to its success and care for its development is visible both on and off of campus.

In her free time, Professor Fassl teaches those without the sense of sight to learn to ski. Through this special interaction, she is able to combine her passion of skiing with her innate ability to give back to the community. Although it adds to her already busy schedule, she remarks, “supporting others comes naturally to me, it’s an enrichment of my life.”

With issues of social, political and environmental hostility, shaking our world, it is people like Professor Fassl whom we value the most. Compassion for others is crucial, and giving back to others is necessary. Professor Fassl serves as a tremendous inspiration for Franklin students, faculty and staff alike, to learn to love helping others.