Writing Today: Between Sanctuary and Freedom

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 | 17.30 till 19.30

Discussion presented by Franklin University Switzerland and PEN International. The event is organized in conjunction with the Day of the Imprisoned Writer (Nov. 15).

We are honored to welcome Naila Zahin Ana, a writer, blogger and activist from Bangladesh. Ana is an ICORN (the International Cities of Refuge Network) resident of Reykjavík (Iceland) since May 2017. She first began writing on "Somewhereinblog", the largest Bangla-language blog, at the age of 15, but did not begin pursuing her writing seriously until she became involved in the Shahbag movement.

Her writings focus on gender equality, feminism, the Jamaat-e-Islami political party, religious fundamentalism, and film reviews. Given her simple and clear writing style, her work used to be accessible to a wide audience, but her participation in the protests and her writings on atheism also led to her to being forced out of her university college and suspended from established blogs.

Undeterred, Ana continued to write on Facebook and on her personal blog. She continued her social activism, campaigning against sexual violence and on environmental issues. Ana received many threats, but she did not take them seriously until five of her fellow bloggers were killed. She plans on continuing to write from Reykjavík for the next two years.

A small reception will follow the event.

On Monday, November 20th at 6pm, Naila will host "Blog e Diritti Umani: dal Bangladesh a Reykjavík", a presentation in Italian at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Aula 11 (Palazzo Rosso).

Both events are open to the public and entrance is free.

Nielsen Auditorium, Franklin University Switzerland
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