Honors Society Learned Conversation

Friday, September 13, 2019 | 17.30 – 19.00

For Business or for Pleasure? Unpacking the Role of Educational Tourism in the 21st Century

Educational tourism is a rapidly growing sector of the tourism industry, providing an alternative to the typical “vacation” label applied to most other forms of travel. Many high schools and universities offer Study Abroad and Seminar Vacation programs which add a travel component to the typical classroom experience. Our very own FUS places Academic Travel courses as a central component of its curriculum, advocating that its on-location activities provide students with the opportunity to encounter firsthand different cultures, organizations, and natural environments. Moreover, Academic Travel might cater to students’ desires for international engagement, social responsibility, and intercultural competencies.
By the same token, the pedagogical value of educational tourism could be inherently questionable. Environmental concerns arise from large-scale international travel, while popular tourist sites such as Venice and Machu Picchu have experienced massive environmental degradation due in part to educational tourism. Critics might argue that attempts to study other places and cultures run the risk of exoticization and staging authenticity. 
Given these ethical concerns, to what extent do students benefit from the experience of educational tourism? In other words, can the world truly be one’s classroom?

Everyone from the Franklin Community at large is warmly invited to attend, independent of background, Major, or academic standing.
A reception of cheese, fruit, wine and juice will follow. 

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