In two decades of excavation, the Mugello Valley Archaeological Project, regularly visited by Franklin students, has unearthed objects about Etruscan worship, beliefs, gifts to divinities and discoveries related to the daily lives of elites and non-elites, including workshops, kilns, pottery and homes.

In the summer of 2015, Samuel Miller and Andrea Lee both enrolled in ‘Practicum in Archaeology’, a Franklin summer field work where students are immersed in the practical and theoretical aspects of field archaeology at the Etruscan excavation site at Poggio Colla (Vicchio) in the province of Florence, Italy.

Under the supervision of a staff of professional archaeologists, students participated in the excavation, documentation, and conservation of archaeological material. The program not only included readings and lectures about Etruscan civilization and the site itself, but also analysis, conservation, cataloging, photography, and other related tasks.

The discovery of the slab, or stele, unearthed by Franklin students is “one example of what goes on generally at FUS,” President Warden noted. “This, after all, was the fundamental premise of our unique academic travel program, the recognition that undergraduate students can participate and contribute to a university’s research agenda inside and outside the classroom.”

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