Beginning in Fall 2020, the University will offer pre-health sciences foundation courses. These courses will provide the rigorous preparation required for admission to professional and graduate schools, including those in the health fields, and reflect the liberal arts foundation at Franklin.

A successful application to graduate school in the health areas depends primarily upon the applicant’s performance and potential as measured by grades in the pre-health courses, standardized test scores, and health-related professional experiences. Students are thus encouraged to take advantage of available curricular and co-curricular preparation and opportunities, and to meet with their academic advisors regularly to make sure that they are on track for admission to specific graduate programs.

More details and the list of foundational courses to be offered in the pre-health sciences will be available beginning in January 2020. Planned courses will include general and organic chemistry, biology, physics, environmental management, and human and environmental health. Students will also have the opportunity to become certified in Wilderness First Aid.