Travel permitting, Saverio will compete next month to qualify for the Lithuanian Olympic Swim Team.

It takes a serious commitment to be an athlete on the international stage, and Franklin University Switzerland student Saverio Multin ‘22 is focused on doing what it takes to be successful. A top swimmer in Ticino’s A-Club Savosa, Saverio trains 4-6 hours a day and must maintain a balance between sports and studies that leaves him little time for much beyond school and pool.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the amount of dedication required to attain his goals, but Saverio has courageously persevered through periods of isolation and travel restrictions to prepare himself for upcoming major events.  His time in the Butterfly continues to improve, and he obtained excellent results in the Sion Swiss Championship competition this past weekend.

Saverio, a dual citizen of the U.S. and Lithuania, is now preparing to compete this December in the Lithuanian Olympic trials on invitation from the Lithuanian Swimming Federation, travel restrictions permitting. He was the only competitor invited that resides outside of Lithuania. While the rest of the campus is on break, Saverio will be training and racing through the holidays.

Saverio is also committed to establishing himself locally.  Currently a Montagnola resident, he is seeking naturalization and citizenship in Switzerland.  Saverio is dedicated to his local club, coaches and teammates, and plans to work toward qualification for the Swiss Olympic team once he attains his citizenship.

Saverio’s discipline and continued motivation to excel in all areas of his life are an inspiration to all of us. Saverio is a perfect example of the multidisciplinary perspective that thrives in Franklin’s unique educational environment, and Franklin is proud to celebrate Saverio’s hard work and commitment to being a successful athlete and scholar during this very intense period of life in a complex and uncertain world.

Keep it up, Saverio, and good luck this December!