Franklin’s Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) is proud to have established a collaboration with AIEI in China and is honored to welcome this year’s incoming classes. The Taylor Institute at Franklin University Switzerland is dedicated to scientific research, innovation, and corporate partnerships at home and abroad. We continue to invest in our academic programs and the Franklin educational experience to strengthen our alumni network and deepen our connections around the globe.

Why choose an EMBA?

Business management is facing a fundamental call to become a force for good: for the economy, the society, and the planet. However, business leaders can produce a substantial impact through their decisions, for good and for bad. They need to be aware of the role they have and act accordingly. 

By completing the Franklin EMBA, students will master business management practices from different industries across the globe and learn to lead in different cultures, expand their comfort zone and develop their resilience to cope with the present VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. The particular meaning and relevance of VUCA often relates to how leaders view the conditions under which they make decisions, plan forward, manage risks, foster change, and solve problems. In general, the premises of VUCA tend to shape an organization's capacity to:

  • Anticipate the issues that shape it;
  • Understand the consequences of issues and actions;
  • Appreciate the interdependence of variables;
  • Prepare for alternative realities and challenges;
  • Interpret and address relevant opportunities.

The program will inspire students to develop the mindset of enlightened business leaders and develop the skills and knowledge to master responsible management in a fast-paced, highly diversified business, social and political environment. It also is designed to accompany future leaders in the process of business innovation to generate a lasting impact on themselves as responsible professionals, in their organization and the industry in which they operate. Candidates explore the opportunities for change by combining the organizational competencies and resources with the world’s environmental, societal and economic challenges, leveraging on emerging technologies, scientific discoveries, and human development.

The Franklin EMBA is accredited in the United States by the Middle States Commission for Higher Education (MSCHE) and meets the highest standards in educational quality. Additionally, it was officially presented in Shenzhen and in Shanghai, China, with the participation of Swissnex, the Swiss Federation Agency for innovation in business and education.

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