Franklin University Switzerland students come from all over the planet to have an immersive, international learning experience. Your classes will be filled with people from different countries and cultures, who bring to the discussion new perspectives on each topic you study, while your life on campus will include academic events and social activities that reinforce cross-cultural understanding. Choose the kind of education that will open your mind, widen your perspective and give you the tools to excel in your career path.

At Franklin, it’s personal

The personalized approach that characterizes Franklin starts at the very beginning. Our admissions staff is always ready to guide you through every step of the information and application process. A good place to start is to fill out an information request form. That will not only get you on our mailing list, but will also prompt your regional representative to contact you and start the conversation that will lead to the most important experience of your life.

Admission to Franklin is limited and competitive. Your application will be evaluated based on many academic and personal factors, including academic records, standardized test scores, academic distinctions and extra-curricular interests.

Further information about admissions procedures for specific programs is available throughout this section of the website:

If you are ready for this unique academic experience, learn more, come visit us or apply for admission.