This summer, Jordan Ricker '16 went back to Senegal, West Africa, for two weeks. He took a gap year in Senegal three years ago when he finished high school, but this was the first time he had been back.  This time, he took his girlfriend Katie along. They spent a week in the capital city, Dakar and a week in Mboro where Jordan had had his homestay. Mboro is a smallish town of around 15,000 people located about two hours north of the capital and it was his home for the seven months that he lived there.

Gioia worked as an Experiential Learning Intern with the Earthwatch Institute in Boston, which is an international environmental non-profit that connects citizen scientist volunteers with field researchers to conduct research expeditions worldwide. Some of the trips offered included studying wildlife such as Argali sheep in Mongolia and tracking dolphins in Slovenia to create marine protected areas.

Pilar Recto '18, Communications and Media Studies Major with a minor in Marketing, traveled to Myanmar for a six weeks’ volunteer project that was geared toward empowering youth. As she noted “I was amazed as to how Myanmar is able to preserve their culture in ways that their traditional practices are integrated into their everyday lives. From the clothes they wear, to their mannerisms, and even down to their core ideals about life all seem very deep-rooted to their traditions." Pilar was especially astounded with the insights, ideas, and perspectives of the youth.