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parents leader centerThe differences and distances that are overcome to be part of the Franklin experience create stronger ties than those created on a traditional campus.

In fact, we often refer to our students, parents and alumni as being part of the Franklin Family, and it is those ties that make the "family" a reality.

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Franklin parents get involved in many ways in supporting the life of the Franklin University Switzerland.

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Our Faculty

Franklin professors are appointed for their diverse approach to the sharing of knowledge, their breadth of perspective and their ability to bridge gaps between various academic areas. 

The opportunity to teach talented students in the cosmopolitan city of Lugano or, thanks to our Academic Travel program, in New York, Paris, London or the Kalahari attracts exceptional scholars to Franklin from around the world.

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The FUS Parents Handbook

All the information you need as a Franklin parent, including contact details for our offices,  is in the FUS Parents Handbook (PDF)

What do FUS students do after they graduate?

  • 75% find a job 0-6 months after graduation
  • 37% pursue Masters/PhD degrees within 1 to 3 years after graduation
  • 29% achieve director/manager status within their unit/company/division within 3 years of graduation

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Campus Safety and Security  

Providing students with a safe environment in which to live and learn, while keeping the FUS community well informed about campus security are priorities for our school.

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Shared Access for Parents

Shared Access is a feature of Franklin’s online student records system that allows students to provide parents or guardians with online access to their student account information.

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Did you know?

Franklin Parents have a Facebook group all to themselves!

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