intervalla: a platform for intellectual exchange is a transdisciplinary, open-access academic journal that strives to provide a forum for scholars from all fields to test and circulate thoughts on contemporary matters of human experiences. Each issue is dedicated to a particular topic that examines intersections or conjunctions of areas that often remain buried in more discipline-specific approaches. intervalla promotes contributions that forge thinking between disciplines and welcomes ideas that push established boundaries.

The journal is peer-reviewed and published annually. Each volume focuses on a particular theme and is edited by volume editors.


Re-connecting the dots… The Impact of Covid-19 on Displaced Students in Higher Education Systems
Volume 9, 2021
Editor: Johanna Fassl

Academic Travel: Departures
Volume 8, 2020
Editors: Fabio Ferrari and Kate Roy

Questions of Taste
Volume 7, 2019
Editors: Sara Steinert Borella and Satomi Sugiyama

Beyond Borders? Interrogating Boundaries in our Twenty-First Century World
Volume 6, 2018
Editor: Kate Roy

From Loss to Survivals: on the Reconstruction and Transmission of Artistic Gestures
Volume 5, 2017
Editor: Gabriel N. Gee

Modernist Currents
Volume 4, 2016
Editor: Alexandra Peat

To Be or Not to Be a Mother: Choice, Refusal, Reluctance and Conflict. Motherhood and Female Identity in Italian Literature and Culture.Essere o non essere madre: scelta, rifiuto, avversione e conflitto. Maternità e identità femminile nella letteratura e cultura italiane.
Special Volume 1, 2016
Editors: Laura Lazzari and Joy Charnley

Environmental Justice, ‘Collapse’ and the Question of Evidence
Volume 3, 2015
Editors: Brack Hale, Christoph Kueffer, Sara Steinert-Borella, Caroline Wiedmer

Trauma, Abstraction, and Creativity
Volume 2, 2014-2015
Editors: Johanna Fassl and Caroline Wiedmer

Social Robots and Emotion: Transcending the Boundary between Humans and ICTs
Volume 1, 2013
Editors: Satomi Sugiyama & Jane Vincent