Volume 7: 2019

Fashion, clothing, and emerging media and technologies

Volume editor:
Satomi Sugiyama, Ph.D.
Associate professor
Department of Communication and Media Studies
Franklin University Switzerland

Media and technologies play an important role in the fashion process. From producing clothes and accessories, constructing symbolic meanings for goods and experiences in the fashion world, to promoting fashion-related consumption, the importance of media and technologies is undeniable in fashion studies. Furthermore, scholars in the past have explicated how clothes should be understood as media and technologies, and also, how media and technologies themselves have become a part of clothing and accessories that need to be understood within the framework of fashion. This suggests the highly intertwined relationship among the fashion process, clothing, and media and technologies. 

Thus, the evolving media and technological landscape demands research attention in fashion studies. Emerging media, whether it be considered in an everyday sense or in a philosophical sense (Simons, 2016), yields new modes of communication and interpretive context as, “(t)he Gestalt shift that occurs when technological transformation opens up new kinds and meanings of communication is a moment of emergence” (Katz & Robinson, 2016, p. 107). Fashion, as a sociological process of collective selection of tastes (Blumer, 1969), also calls for capturing such a moment of emergence in the constant flux of trends and styles with increasing speed. As emerging media and technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, wearables, internet of things, and ambient technologies start to permeate the fashion process, the intersection among fashion, clothes, and emerging media and technologies calls for new research insights. For instance, as Barile and Sugiyama (2018) argue, our body is increasingly smart-clothed and shaped by the algorithmic sensibility because we are “wearing data.” 

The journal, intervalla, volume 7, seeks contributions that explore this intersection among fashion, clothing, and emerging media and technologies from not only fashion and media studies perspectives but also from the under-represented perspective in fashion studies such as engineering, robotics, and computer and data science. Empirical research with quantitative or qualitative data is highly welcome although theoretical papers also make significant contributions to the volume. Please send an abstract (250 – 300 words) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before December 22nd, 2018. A completed paper (3500 – 4500 words) is due on February 8th for peer reviews. Expected publication date is December 2019.


Barile, N., & Sugiyama, S. (2018). Wearing Data: From McLuhan’s “Extended Skin” to the Integration Between Wearable Technologies and a New Algorithmic Sensibility. Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture. DOI: 10.1080/1362704X.2018.1514847

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