intervalla: Volume 9, 2021

Re-connecting the Dots ...The Impact of Covid-19 on Displaced Students in Higher Education Systems

Editor: Johanna Fassl

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In 2017 Franklin University Switzerland’s Scholarships Without Borders program hosted a two-day international workshop that focused on challenges and best practices in refugee education, connecting the dots between Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Volume 9 of intervalla re-connects these dots under the premise of how Covid-19 impacted degree and attending programs in higher education systems. Upheavals, such as natural or anthropogenic disasters shake all systems, and, in the wake of them, incite reflection and provoke out-of-the-box thinking. The articles in this volume, written by both academics and displaced students, took the pandemic as an opportunity to rethink the general perceptions of borders and what defines migration. Beyond philosophical reflections, the texts also discuss specific programs and initiatives that have been successful during Covid-19 and may find future applications.

Table of Contents

Introduction through Optimistic Numbers: SDG 4, 2030, and The Other 5%
Johanna Fassl


Zer / störung
Raisan Hameed


“We all die until the Times Photographer wins the prize”: Visual Culture of Forced Migration and Its Possible Impact on Displaced Students’ Access to Higher Education
Johanna Fassl


Reflections on Covid-19 and Displaced Students: Movement as a Conceptual Framework and Suggested Research Avenues
Marie-Agnès Détourbe


Cultures of Welcome: What Odysseus Can Teach Us About Hospitality
Caroline Wiedmer


Migration in Zeiten von Corona
Emrah Bal


Integration Geflüchteter in das Studium in Deutschland in Zeiten von Corona
Heike Kölln-Prisner