Digital Inscriptions and Loss of Embarrassment: Some Thoughts about the Technological Mediations of Affectivity

Amparo Lasén, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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One of the consequences of the widespread use and ubiquity of digital technologies is how a growing number and kind of exchanges and information are inscribed in and by these devices, as texts, images and sounds, contributing to the materialization of emotions and feelings. These affective inscriptions increase our reflexivity and the sharing of emotions, the attachment between people and devices, as well as the mediated attachment and attunement to other people. These inscriptions that increase the ability to read and keep track of affects and relationships contribute to the shaping of our affective cultures, as well as to contemporary modes of subjection. Contemporary transformations of the threshold of embarrassment regarding the disclosure of personal information and personal images online are an example of this digital contribution to our affective culture.