The Many Faces of Pictorial Gestures: Magnus Clausen in Conversation with Gabriel Gee

Magnus Frederik Clausen & Gabriel N. Gee

In this discussion between painter Magnus Frederick Clausen and art historian Gabriel Gee, Clausen reflects on the gestures used and explored in his pictorial practice. Starting with a reflection on the joint transparent and opaque quality of painting, Clausen evokes the use of repetition to reflect on the production of sameness and difference, intervisual dialogue and individual imprint. The painter describes his tools and methods, depicting an alchemic connection between past and present visual expressions. Processes of addition and subtraction, on as well as around and behind the canvas are highlighted, in a portrait of the multi-folded visage of Clausen’s pictorial practice.

KEYWORDS: Pictorial gestures, repetition, difference, over-painting, visual language

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