Questions of Taste


Sara Steinert Borella
Franklin University Switzerland

Satomi Sugiyama
Franklin University Switzerland

Volume 7 of intervalla, Questions of Taste, sets out to examine taste from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. The current volume thus collects input from scholars who develop notions and understandings of taste ranging from gustatory sensations to quality appreciation, from dietary health to craft beer preference, from canned meat to curry, and from design furniture to fast fashion. We are pleased to have brought together a broad range of geographical and disciplinary points of departure, ones that build upon and sometimes take issue with the shared foundation of Pierre Bourdieu’s Distinction (1984). Bourdieu’s analysis of taste reminds us that formation of taste is a social and cultural process; the articles collected here look at how the individual at once contributes to and becomes a product of this dynamic, evolving process.

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