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Become a responsible and innovative global leader.

Corinne Young

Welcome to Graduate Studies at Franklin University Switzerland. Our mission is to develop responsible and innovative global leaders.

We stay true to our mission by providing students with a multicultural, multidisciplinary and challenging learning environment in the heart of Europe. What distinguishes Graduate Studies at FUS from other institutions is the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills through many different academic and professional experiences. To ensure that the experiences are relevant and cutting-edge we engage expert faculty members and practitioners who know first-hand what is required to be a successful global manager in the 21st century.

Our small cohort model offers students many opportunities to challenge and be challenged with time for reflection and feedback.

If you are interested in a transformative educational experience please request additional information via our inquiry form.  We are most interested in learning about your professional goals.

Corinne B. Young
Corinne B. Young

The Master of Science in International Management (MSIM)

President's Message

"Our graduate program in international management is all about ethical management. We want to produce leaders, leaders who cut across all kinds of management areas from small businesses to multi-nationals, and we are about innovative, courageous and collaborative leadership at every level."

P. Gregory Warden, President

Our Approach

Graduate study at Franklin University Switzerland is based on four pillars:

  • Leadership Development
  • Individual Coaching
  • Practical Experience
  • Academic Travel

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