Programs of Study

Undergraduate Studies

Franklin University Switzerland offers curricula leading to Bachelor of Arts and Associate of Arts degrees, and a Certificate in English Language Teaching program.


Combined Majors

Additional majors are possible by combining two of the following fields of study: Art History and Visual Culture, Communication and Media Studies, Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies, Economics, French Studies, History, Italian Studies, Literature, Management, and Political Science. Students select two of these areas and follow the combined major program of study in consultation with the faculty members concerned. Some recent examples of combined majors include:

  • Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies (CLCS) and Communication and Media Studies

  • French Studies and Political Science

  • Management and French Studies

  • Management and Economics

Double Majors

A student who fulfills all of the requirements for two majors may receive a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major. Should a student wish to complete two majors, a combined major cannot be used as one of them.

In addition to their main field of study, students may select courses from within one discipline to form a minor. An official declaration of a minor is required and must be submitted to the Registrar after obtaining the signatures of both the student’s Academic Advisor and Department Head of the field of interest. The Registrar will provide the necessary form.

intervalla Volume I
Social Robots and Emotion: Transcending the Boundary between Humans and ICTs

New Work
Professors Sara Steinert Borella and Caroline Wiedmer publish Intersections of Law and Culture

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