Start strong: choose your team

All new students at Franklin pursuing their Bachelor’s degree request a First Year Seminar, ranking them according to preference. You are assigned a seminar based on availability; the earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting your first choice. The three-credit, semester-long seminar is distinct from the rest of your courses because you have a student Academic Mentor as well as your Academic Advisor there to support you.

The Franklin Faculty member that teaches your freshman seminar becomes your Academic Advisor; the seminar provides a platform for you and your classmates to get to know your advisor. The student Academic Mentor is chosen for his or her expertise in the subject matter and participates in the class to help new students understand the opportunities and expectations of academic life at Franklin.

Fall 2020 First Year Seminar Course Offerings

CLCS 199 The Pursuit of Happiness

Professor Ferrari

COM 199 Journalism in Crisis

Professor Vogelaar

ENV 199 Glaciers No More? Climate Change

Professor Hale

ENV 199 Sushi Anyone? The Past, Present, and Future of Our Last Wild Food

Professor Della Croce

HIS 199 Hitler's Rise to Power in Global Perspective

Professor Pyka

POL 199 Key Ideas in Global Politics

Professor Bucher

POL 199 Exploring Leadership: Managerial and Political Perspectives

Professor Cordon

VCA 199 Desire and Consumption: The Photographic Image

Professor Gee