At the heart of Franklin University Switzerland's innovative curriculum lies the Academic Travel program, a pioneering educational adventure that stands unrivaled in its approach to learning. Here, travel transcends the conventional, transforming into a dynamic tool for experiential learning, seamlessly woven into a diverse array of courses that cater to every major.

This program offers students a rare opportunity to journey beyond the classroom each semester, guided by the expertise and passions of their professors. Together, they explore destinations rich in academic and cultural significance, where the locations themselves become vibrant classrooms. This unique blend of travel and education not only broadens academic horizons but also deepens personal growth, making every journey a pivotal chapter in the Franklin experience.

  • One Course per Semester: Dive into a world of learning beyond the classroom every semester. Franklin's Academic Travel program weaves real-world exploration into your curriculum, turning each semester into an adventure that broadens your academic horizon.
  • 40+ Travel Destinations: With over 40 destinations to choose from, your academic journey spans continents. From the ancient streets of Europe to the vibrant life in Asia, immerse yourself in diverse cultures and enrich your educational experience with every trip.
  • Included in Tuition and Fees: At Franklin, your global exploration is included in your tuition, ensuring every student has the opportunity to embark on these experiential journeys.
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Academic Travel is an integral part of the curriculum at Franklin University Switzerland, and is designed to increase opportunities for experiential learning. All students, including semester and year-abroad students, are required to participate in Academic Travel, which is included in each semester's tuition. Academic Travel courses may carry three credits or one credit. Three-credit Academic Travel courses are regular semester courses that include a 10-day to two-week travel period, adding an important experiential learning piece to regular classroom activities. One-credit Academic Travel provides a less intensive version of Franklin’s signature program that focuses predominantly on the 10-day to two-week travel period.

The Bachelor of Arts graduation requirement for Academic Travel is normally fulfilled by successful participation in four three-credit Academic Travel classes. Undergraduate students must enroll in an Academic Travel class each semester until they complete the required number of travels.  Once students have completed their four required three-credit Academic Travel courses, they may continue to take advantage of Franklin’s signature program as an integrated part of their studies. Students will then have the option to participate in one- or three-credit Academic Travel courses, depending on what best suits their academic program needs and interests. Three-credit travel courses may count as general electives, Global Responsibility core requirements, and/or major electives. One-credit Academic Travel courses count as general electives. For transfer students coming in with 30 or more credits, a minimum of three consecutive three-credit Academic Travel classes is required.


This documentary, crafted by Adjunct Professor Elettra Fiumi and her team at FiumiStudios, delves into the unique experiential learning journey offered by FUS through its signature Academic Travel program. It is an integral part of the Franklin curriculum, inviting students to engage deeply with their studies by embarking on immersive, on-location visits each semester. These experiences enrich their academic journey, allowing them to view their classroom learning through a fresh lens, armed with newfound knowledge and perspectives.

At the core of the narrative, the documentary captures the impact of the Academic Travel program on students' educational journeys. It shows how these explorations significantly alter the fabric of student learning, revealing the vibrant lifeblood of our community. More than just an academic exercise, the program fosters an unparalleled connection between students and professors, opening doors to profound interactions and understanding on a different level.

The Stories We Live By Academic Travel Vlog Part 2

Finals are finally over, the campus already feels so empty as most students have traveled home for the Winter holidays. With all the fun and adventures from this last semester, it's hard to believe that it's once again the end of the year!

To keep our thoughts alive, let's enjoy a memory of one of the most memorable moments of every semester here at Franklin University Switzerland: Academic Travel!


The Stories We Live By Academic Travel Vlog Part 1

Do you remember your first time embarking on Academic Travel? The curiosity, the excitement, the anticipation?

Listen to freshman Sofia Chiusano '26 as she describes her expectations, and interviews classmates before experiencing their first-ever Academic Travel at Franklin, the Fall'22 AT course CLCS 100T The Stories We Live By.


Marketing for Movies Academic Travel Vlog Part 1

Follow freshman Antonia Magallanes Sachot '25 on her recent Spring ’22 Academic Travel to Bologna with the BUS 236T Marketing for Movies course. 


Marketing for Movies Academic Travel Vlog Part 2

Follow freshman Antonia Magallanes Sachot '25 on her recent Spring ’22 Academic Travel to Rome with the BUS 236T Marketing for Movies course.