Residential Life and Housing

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Franklin University Switzerland considers student residence life an integral part of the educational experience. Our residences give students the opportunity to experience the challenges and rewards of being on their own. The university offers furnished rooms and apartments - many complete with their own bathroom and kitchenettes - in addition to traditional-style residence hall rooms. These living spaces provide students with privacy and a sense of personal responsibility.

The residences are located in eight different buildings on or near campus. Each residence is supported by a trained Resident Assistant who helps students obtain the most from their residential experience. All students living in Franklin residences are covered by an insurance policy for their personal possessions.

Housing Guidelines

Franklin University Switzerland is a residential campus and requires all full-time students not living with their parents or legal guardians to live on campus unless given written permission to live off-campus. All students residing in Franklin residences are obligated to sign a Housing Agreement. The Housing Agreement is for the entire academic year. Therefore, all students residing in campus housing during the fall semester are contractually obligated to reside in the residences during the spring semester. Fall residents will be automatically released from their contracts for spring for the following reasons:

1. Withdrawal or Leave of Absence: including transfer to another university, academic dismissal, approved leave of absence. Students intending to withdrawal or wishing to take a leave of absence must complete the appropriate paperwork which is available in the Office of the Registrar.  
2. December Graduation.
3. Participation in a Franklin-approved program in a location outside of Lugano.
4. Marriage. Proof of marriage is required.

If a student has over 60 credit hours (or is over the age of 20), has a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, is in good standing and has parental permission, they can apply to live off-campus. Once a student receives approval from the University, they may lease an apartment in the local community. Students wishing to live off campus need to do so through the Office of Student Life.

The University’s residential life program is designed to foster independent and community living as well as academic focus during a student’s time at Franklin. All students living on campus must sign theFranklin University Switzerland Housing Agreement, which details the policies and procedures of the residences.


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