Your Partner in Financial Planning: The Bursar Office

About the Bursar Office

Embarking on your academic adventure at Franklin University Switzerland involves critical financial management, and the Office of the Bursar is here to ensure that the journey is smooth and transparent. Acting as the financial nucleus of the University, we manage and maintain all student financial records, ensuring each bill accurately reflects tuition, fees, and any additional incurred charges with clarity and precision.

Linking with Financial Aid

Collaboration is key. Our Bursar Office works hand-in-hand with the Office of Financial Aid, ensuring that your financial aid, scholarships, and grants are seamlessly integrated into your billing, offering a coordinated approach to financial management while maximizing the efficacy of all available resources.

Proactive Assistance and Seamless Communication

Committed to aiding families and students in managing financial obligations effectively, the Bursar Office offers robust customer service, exploring payment plans and addressing financial queries with expediency and expertise. We act as your financial communicators, interfacing between parents, students, and various university departments, ensuring all your financial inquiries are addressed with timely and accurate responses.

A Commitment to Compliance and Ethical Management

Upholding regulatory compliance and stringent ethical standards, all financial processes and transactions are managed with utmost integrity and transparency. Your personal and financial data are safeguarded with the highest degree of professionalism and discretion, ensuring your journey at Franklin is secure and trustful.

Here at Franklin University Switzerland, the Bursar Office is not just a billing service but a partner in your educational journey, ensuring every financial step is taken with confidence and clarity.

Accounting and Finance Contacts

Jelena Bakic - Director of Student Accounts
Office: North Campus Villa
Phone: +41 91 986 36 23

Financial Aid Contact

Kathleen Montague - Director of Financial Aid US Admissions
Phone: +1 386 490 4275