Industry and HR experts discussed with students how to correctly present oneself during a job interview (spoiler: it's all about establishing chemistry and truthfulness).

Franklin University Switzerland is a leaders factory. It accomplishes this by immersing its students in a stimulating international environment and by honing their soft skills: this is the power of Liberal Arts.

When you are looking for a job, the strengths within you must be correctly portrayed. How should one behave during an interview? What personality should a résumé (or a curriculum vitae, as Europeans would say) have? These and other related topics were discussed during a panel that took place on August 26th at the Nielsen Auditorium in front of a good number of students, who were eager to ask questions and confront the values of their generation with those of the workplace.

Moderated by President Greg Warden, with contributors holding leadership positions in the corporate world, the discussion brought to the audience some interesting takeaways. First, be truthful: exaggerating skills or experiences destroys the candidate’s credibility and casts a shadow on true accomplishments. Second, be prepared to talk about failures and not just victories: the real strength of a person lies in overcoming difficulties. Third, during an interview it is paramount to establish a bond, some sort of chemistry, with the person in front of you.

Students, some of them emerging from lockdown, asked a multitude of questions that sometimes proved challenging, like how to manage multicultural teams within an organization by exploiting the strength deriving from the interactions among different mind-sets.

Chocolates were handed out at the end, food for the brain, because, in the end, we are what we know.