Franklin University Switzerland VIEW (Values, Identity, and Ethics Workgroup)

Franklin Value Statements

Franklin strives to imbed these values in our community and institution through education, discussion, research and a pursuit of excellence.

We Strive for Academic Excellence and Global Impact

We strive for academic excellence and celebrate the accomplishments of our community. We measure our success by the global impact of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

We Promote Intellectual Curiosity and Cross-Cultural Learning

We promote intellectual curiosity through international learning experiences that challenge students to discover their passions and gain deeper levels of insight and leadership. We foster interdisciplinary opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to support innovative and sustainable approaches to learning and research.

We Encourage Immersive and Experiential Academics

Located in the heart of Europe, we encourage an experiential and multinational learning and living environment that develops critical thinking through our Liberal Arts model, small classes, strong student and faculty relationships, residential campus, and hands-on Academic Travel experiences.

We Celebrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Consisting of members from around the world, our community takes pride in its diversity. We strive to empower our members to amplify their own voices, develop a habit of listening to others with a sincere desire to understand and appreciate, and to choose to work together to find mutually beneficial solutions. We are committed to developing and expanding equitable opportunities for members of the Franklin community in all facets of the Franklin experience.

We Aspire to be a Supportive Community

We aspire to create a sense of belonging in our community through respect, compassion, and a culture of trust. We cultivate an open learning environment that engages and builds a supportive foundation for students, faculty, staff, and alumni in which all members can thrive.

We Commit to Integrity and Transparency

We commit to continuous improvement while maintaining standards of personal and academic integrity and actively pursuing transparency and excellence in our operations. We aim to accomplish this while upholding a climate of mutual respect and free expression in all our endeavors.