Your well-being is of vital importance to us 

Providing students with a safe environment in which to live and learn, and keeping students, parents, and employees well informed about campus security are among our top priorities. As part of the Orientation program, Franklin staff talk with students about campus emergency procedures and provide them with numbers to call in case of emergency. There is always a Franklin Resident Assistant on call, and managing emergency situations is part of RA training.

For additional security, Franklin contracts security guards from Gruppo Sicurezza SA, who maintain a high level of surveillance on campus. The local police, fire department and ambulance services are also very responsive and have three-digit phone numbers for dialing quickly in emergencies.


    At Franklin, our Resident Assistants are dedicated student leaders who conduct nightly rounds in all residence halls and are ready to respond to any emergency situation. In addition, our Campus Safety Walkers are available to accompany students between campus buildings during late night hours, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

    To bolster campus safety, Franklin collaborates with the Lugano Police Department and emergency services, as well as engages a private security company to provide security guards who conduct nightly rounds. Furthermore, we have a comprehensive 24/7 emergency phone and safety procedures system in place, including the Franklin Emergency Number which individuals can contact at any time in case of emergency.

    We strongly encourage students to download the SAFEY APP on their smartphones, offering real-time safety and emergency information for their location anywhere in the world. Additionally, we maintain a campus-wide emergency notification system using SMS texting, email, and social media to keep everyone informed and safe.

    Lastly, the Franklin Emergency Response Team is dedicated to providing crisis decision-making and ensuring timely and accurate communication during any emergency.


    Every semester, students and parents will receive a detailed itinerary for the Academic Travel programs, which will include specific emergency contact information for each travel course.

    Faculty members who lead students on Academic Travel are well-trained in emergency and safety procedures and protocols. This training is updated annually, as reflected in the Faculty Handbook for Academic Travel Policies and Procedures.

    Crime Statistics

    The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act requires postsecondary educational institutions to disclose annual reports of criminal activity on campus. The act is intended to provide students and their families with accurate, complete, and timely information about safety on campus so that they can make informed decisions.

    The Campus Crime Statistics Charts contain campus crime statistics for 2020 to 2022. You will see that Franklin University Switzerland is exceptionally safe.

    Emergency Numbers

    • Franklin Emergency Number: +41 (0)79 211 46 89
    • Police: 117 - Ambulance: 144 - Fire: 118
    • Directory Information: 1811
    • Lugano Hospitals: Ospedale Civico: +41 (0)91 811 61 11 - Ospedale Italiano: +41 (0)91 811 61 11