At Franklin, travel is always on our minds. Traveling from Switzerland to other countries in Europe is relatively easy, but it helps to know just how many student friendly options there are. Read below to check out some awesome travel passes and transport reccomendations!

Make Your Travels Cheaper and Easier

Travel Passes

  1. Eurail Youthpass – This pass is purchased in the US. The Eurail Youthpass is valid for 2 months and entitles you to unlimited 2nd-Class travel in 16 European countries. You must be under 26 years of age. Applications should be addressed to: Student Travel Services 205 east 42nd Street New York, NY 10017
  2. Inter-Rail Pass – This pass is purchased at European railway stations and is valid for a one or two month period. You must be under 25 years of age. The pass allows unlimited 2nd-Class travel in European countries, plus Morocco. The Pass is not valid for the country in which you purchase your pass, but it does allow you to travel within that country for half fare. It is wise to purchase the Inter-Rail Pass in a very small country, e.g. Luxembourg, or in a country in which you do not plan to do much traveling.
  3. Swiss Half Price Rail Pass – This pass is purchased at any Swiss railway station and is valid for one year. It allows travel at half the normal price of any journey within Switzerland either in first or second class. This pass also entitles you to travel on yellow PTT buses at half price and at a reduced rate on some of the funicular railways.
  4. Air Travel. Easy connections from Lugano as well as Milan Malpensa or Linate allow student for easy and affordable travel within Europe.
  5. Flixbus. Flixbus is a great choice for any Franklin student. It has a three bag allowance, no booking fees, student friendly prices, and wifi on board so you can travel and keep up with your school work. From Lugano, students can travel directly to several cities, including the following: Bregenz, Dornbrin, Lindau, Milan, and Munich. Alternatively, you can travel by bus or train to Zurich or Milan and travel even farther.

See the Swiss Rail Timetable or visit the Swiss Tourism Board. Now start packing.

For more insider Franklin tips on where to go and how to get there, check out the Adventures at Franklin blog post on transport in Switzerland.