The Franklin University Switzerland Alumni Association is governed by the Alumni Council, an advisory group that is made up of alumni volunteers. The Alumni Council works closely with the Office of Advancement to foster lifelong relationships between Franklin University Switzerland, and its students and alumni.

Find out more about the Alumni Council from our current President Emily Boynton '09, Vice-President Ryan Ellis '09, Funds Officer Conner Crawford '12, and Secretary/Parliamentarian Nichole Rousseau-McAllister '07 by watching the video below.


The Mission of the Franklin Alumni Council is to actively involve alumni in the life of the University. The Council provides a forum for the discussion of alumni issues, concerns and ideas, and provides a conduit to and from the Board of Trustees for such information.


Organizational Structure

The Alumni Council is led by the Executive Committee comprised of the President, Vice-President, Funds Officer, and Secretary/Parliamentarian, who each serve a two-year term, and the Director of Advancement and Alumni. The President and Vice-President serve as alumni representatives to the Board of Trustees and attend Board of Trustees meetings as non-voting members. The Alumni Council meets quarterly, including an annual Alumni Association meeting open to all alumni held in November in New York City and via the web.



Members of the Alumni Council are involved in a variety of activities such as event planning, fundraising and career services among others. Alumni Council members make annual financial contributions to the Alumni Council Fund which funds the Council’s activities. Some of the projects and initiatives the Alumni Council sponsors include but are not limited to: Franklin Club Alumni Events, Alumni Council Sponsored Boat Cruise, Alumni Council Sponsored Art Competition and the Ursula Gentile Lowerre Outstanding Service Award.


The Annual Alumni Association meeting took place in New York City and online, on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Alumni engaged in an insightful discussion and learned about new opportunities, ways to be involved, and how to support our alumni community.

Joining a Committee

All alumni are encouraged to join an Alumni Association committee. Fill out the Committee Interest Form to get involved.

Alumni Council Members

Executive Committee

President: Emily M. Boynton ’09 
Vice-President: Ryan Ellis ’09
Funds Officer: Conner Crawford ’12
Secretary/Parliamentarian: Nichole Rousseau-McAllister '07

Committee Chairs

Advancement: Conner Crawford '12
Alumni and Student Outreach: Margaret Pendo '20
Career Strategy: Ellie Leaning '14 
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: To be confirmed
Regional Programming: Johanna Moffitt '85

Committee Descriptions and Objectives


The Admissions committee works with the Alumni Relations and Admissions departments to ensure that alumni are being utilized in the most resourceful ways to help get the word out about Franklin to prospective students and families as well as helping to steward admitted and deposited students prior to their arrival on campus.


The Advancement Committee conducts outreach to both Alumni Council members and members of the greater alumni community to help the Alumni Council and University achieve their fundraising goals. Best practices, stewardship, and creating a culture of philanthropy on and off campus are also objectives for this committee.

Alumni and Student Outreach 

The Alumni and Student Outreach committee exists to help keep the Franklin alumni community informed about Alumni Council initiatives and updates. The student representative to the Alumni Council will also be a part of this committee, providing a bridge from alumni to students and students to alumni. 

Career Strategy 

The Career Strategy committee serves to assist in identifying ways that alumni can help fellow alumni and current students through career development and networking opportunities.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) 

The DEIB committee helps to create a strategy through intersectional work that spans race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status and more. The goal is to create and build an impactful experience for alumni throughout our programming and volunteer opportunities.

Regional Programming 

The Regional Programming committee will be comprised of all Club Leaders and will exist to share ideas and help with the planning of club events and initiatives. 

Former Alumni Trustees Honor Circle

Denise Alfeld '88
Nadia Allam '93
Emily Boynton '09
Ryan Ellis '09
Daniel Eng '01
Claudia Figueredo '95
Angela Fowler '75
Inigo Garcia Gordobil '11
Eva Gianini '95
Deirdre Kinney-Brennan '81
Ned Lynch '66
Vincent Mancuso '91
Renu Mody '83
Lisa Peck-Cruikshank '88
Tom Pegues '94
Jennifer Raley '77
John Steinbreder '76
Richard Sussman '95
Frances Todd Stewart '75
Derek Wilkinson '95
Bedford Wynne '01
Skyler Yost '11