Join Franklin University Switzerland this summer for a comprehensive academic experience. Our summer programs, created for undergraduate students, combine demanding academic courses with practical learning, providing an unparalleled opportunity that transcends the conventional classroom setting. Explore worldwide issues, submerge yourself in foreign cultures, and earn credits that will contribute to your degree.

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Why Choose Franklin for Your Summer Study?

  • Rigorous Academic Environment: Challenge yourself with our academically stimulating courses.
  • Hands-On Experiential Learning: Connect classroom knowledge with real-world experiences through Academic Travel and project-based learning.
  • Global Focus: Enhance your international awareness by engaging with critical global issues.
  • Cross-Cultural Immersion: Join a diverse community of students and faculty from around the world.
  • Earn Valuable Credits: Advance your undergraduate studies with summer credits.

Dynamic Summer Sessions

Our undergraduate summer offerings kick off in early June and run through the end of July, divided into two intensive 4-week sessions. These sessions are about learning in a vibrant, cross-cultural community, with courses delivered by our faculty and esteemed guest lecturers.

Academic Travel: A Franklin Hallmark

Our Academic Travel programs stand out, offering you the chance to explore destinations relevant to your course material. This immersive learning approach makes your education at Franklin truly unique, providing insights that extend far beyond the classroom.


Our 6-credit packages are designed to complement our range of individual course offerings. We have crafted these packages to provide a comprehensive and immersive summer learning experience, which is perfect for students who are eager to delve deep into a specific subject area. By selecting one of these packages, you can embark on a focused academic journey, and make the most of your summer. Alternatively, our vast selection of individual courses offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to customize your summer studies to align perfectly with your interests and academic goals.


COM 255 + COM 295

Discover the essence of the "Made in Italy" brand through this unique course. Analyze the impact of Italian media and fashion on global culture, and engage in site visits to iconic fashion and design locations in Milan. This experience is a deep dive into the influential world of Italian communication and style.

Additional Fee: CHF 400


POL 291 + POL 296

Gain invaluable insights into the European Union, its projects, and its global impact. This course offers a thorough introduction to the EU, preparing you for further education or career opportunities in Europe. Learn in the heart of the continent with easy access to major EU institutions.


In addition to our 6-credit packages, we offer a wide array of individual courses across various disciplines. Whether you're interested in advancing your language skills, delving into European studies, or exploring other academic areas, our summer program provides the flexibility to create a summer experience that aligns with your personal and academic goals.

Interim Session 1: May 20 - May 31
Course Sec Course Title Faculty Day Time
AHT 285T 1 Technology in Art (Venice) Fassl M-SU 08:30 - 17:00

*Dates for these Interim Session courses do not coincide with the regular session dates. Plan your schedule accordingly with your advisor.

Session 1: June 4 - June 27
Course Sec Course Title Faculty Day Time
ITA 100 1 Introductory Italian, Part I Kugler Bertola MTWT 08:30 - 11:05
HIS 296 1 Italy from the Fall of Rome to the Rise Novikoff MTWT 11:30 - 14:05
MAT 201 1 Introduction to Statistics Prisner MTWT 11:30 - 14:05
MUS 213 1 Classical Music in Film Trebici Marin MTWT 11:30 - 14:05
BUS 243 1 Personal Finance Suleiman MTWT 14:30 - 17:05
POL 290 1 Govt and Politics of the Middle East Bregman MTWT 14:30 - 17:05
Session 2: July 2 - July 25
Course Sec Course Title Faculty Day Time
ECN 101 1 Principles of Microeconomics Stack MTWT 08:30 - 11:05
POL 296 1 EU-US Foreign Relations Filic MTWT 08:30 - 11:05
WTG 200 1 Adv Academic Writing: Ethics at Work Rutkowski MTWT 08:30 - 11:05
COM 295 1 Media Consumption, Fashion, and Identity Sugiyama MTWT 11:30 - 14:05
ECN 297 1 Financing Sustainable Development Duroy MTWT 11:30 - 14:05
POL 291 1 European Union Issues and Policies Filic MTWT 11:30 - 14:05
STA 295 1 Drawing for Creative Critical Thinkers Dalfonzo MTWT 11:30 - 14:05
CLCS 204 1 Creative Commerce in Switzerland Roy MTWT 14:30 - 17:05
CLCS 295 1 Language and Culture Rutkowski MTWT 14:30 - 17:05
COM 255 1 The Culture of Made in Italy Barile MTWT 14:30 - 17:05


Summer Session 1: 4 - 27 June 2024 

New Students Arrive 2 June (Sun)
Orientation 3 June (Mon)
Classes Begin 4 June (Tue)
Deadline for Schedule Changes (Drop/Add) 5 June  (Wed)
Withdrawal Deadline 20 June (Thu)
Last Day of Classes 27 June 
Residence Halls close (all students) 28 June at 12.00 p.m. (noon)

 Summer Session 2: 2 - 25 July 2024

New Students Arrive 30 June (Sun)
Orientation 1 July (Mon)
Classes Begin 2 July (Tue)
Deadline for Schedule Changes (Drop/Add) 3 July (Wed)
Withdrawal Deadline 18 July (Thu)
Last Day of Classes 25 July  
Residence Halls close (all students) 26 July at 12.00 p.m. (noon)

Please note: Calendar dates are binding. Late arrivals and early departures are not permitted.

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Tuition & fees

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