Duty Phones

Office of Student Life Front Desk - (reduced hours during the summer, Monday through Thursday) +41 (0)91 986 53 29
RA on Duty (24 hours a day) +41 (0)79 211 46 89

Health Services

University Counselor and Accessibility Counselor:

Corbin Moro
+41 (0)91 986 53 11

Coordinator of Health and Wellness:

Salam Cavallo
+41 (0)91 986 53 11

Emergency Numbers

Police 117
Ambulance 144
Fire 118
Directory Information 1811


Ospedale Civico +41 (0)91 811 61 11
Ospedale Italiano +41 (0)91 811 61 11


To all incoming students and parents
Warning: Mobility by Train

As a result of the derailment in the Gotthard Base Tunnel on August 10, the passenger trains between Ticino and the German-speaking part of Switzerland will be diverted via the Alpine Panorama Route until further notice. Although this journey is picturesque, it will take 60 minutes longer for national traffic and 60-120 minutes longer for international traffic. Since double-deck trains cannot operate on this route, there could be fewer seats available (30% fewer seats available on the weekends and slightly reduced capacity on weekdays). 

Our community is encouraged to refer to the SBB website for detailed information and plan for longer train journeys when traveling between Ticino and the German-speaking part of Switzerland.