Who we are

The Green Office team is directed by a university staff member, the Green Office Scholars and the Sustainable Garden Interns:

Jordan King

GO Scholar - Marketing and Communication

Grace Meller

GO Scholar - Education & Research

Sonya Strauss

GO Scholar - Campus Operations

Skylar Tempel

GO Scholar - Event Coordination

Rosie Turbyville

GO Scholar - External Affairs & Projects

Sustainable Garden Interns

  • Ghala Ashoor
  • Siri Dye
  • Mira Khalsa
  • Rosie Turbyville

In addition, an 8-member Steering Committee representing faculty and staff from each division and organizational department of the university guides the Green Office in its mission.

2022 – 2023 Steering Committee members

  • Division of Arts and Culture - Prof. Clarice Zdanski
  • Division of Business and Economics - Prof. Mario Schultz
  • Division of Communication, History, and Politics - Prof. Fintan Hoey
  • Division of Environment, Math, Psychology, and Health - Prof. Patrick Della Croce
  • Office of Student Life - Russel Martin
  • Office of Physical Plant - Fatima Campos
  • Office of Finance and Administration - Tomaso Rizzi
  • Taylor Institute and Graduate Studies - Branko Sain


Spring 2021: The FUS GO began as the Environmental Studies Capstone Project of Spring 2021. The project was initially spearheaded by Grace Kotnik ‘22, Naomi Lear ‘21, Alejandra Malavenda ‘22, Gabriella Teerlynck-Aviles ‘22, and Peter Waszkis ‘21.

April 2022: As part of University Day 2022, Franklin sets a goal to raise $50,000 to establish the Franklin University Switzerland Green Office.

May 2022: President Gregory Warden, Chairman Kim Hildebrant and VP of Academic Affairs Andrew Starcher sign the official mandate establishing the Franklin University Switzerland Green Office

August 2022: Jean Wu joins the FUS Green Office as its first Director of Sustainability Programs.

September 2022: The FUS Green Office is officially accepted as a member of the Green Office Movement.


Green Office Member