The Global B.A. in International and Political Communication provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to study at both Franklin University Switzerland and Emerson College.

This new dual degree program is grounded in a mutual understanding and appreciation for both the liberal arts and a global experience, giving students a valuable international perspective on U.S. domestic politics.

In the undergraduate program at Franklin you will receive a high-quality liberal arts education with an international focus and participate in the signature program, Academic Travel. Your studies at Franklin will set you up for academic success at Emerson, where you’ll study topics in issue advocacy, electoral politics, non-profit communication, public diplomacy, crisis communication, and politics and law.

Earn an Associate's Degree and a Bachelor of Arts

During your time in the program, you will spend:

  • Two years in Lugano. At Franklin, you’ll take liberal arts and foundational courses, travel to other cities as part of your curriculum, and earn an associate’s degree. Surrounded by the Swiss Alps and situated on its namesake lake, Lugano is not only breathtaking, but is also the ideal home base for the Franklin experience: a high-quality liberal arts education and an exploration of the world and its people.

  • Two years in Boston. With the golden dome of the Massachusetts State House as your backdrop, here you’ll benefit from Emerson’s outstanding reputation and faculty expertise in the field of political communication, and you’ll earn a B.A. in International and Political Communication. By completing internships and getting real-world experience—such as working on political campaigns or leading award-winning diplomacy and civic engagement projects—our students go into the world prepared for success in any political career.

  • One optional summer in Sydney, Australia, or Kasteel Well, The Netherlands. The program’s emphasis on exploring the political landscape on an international level includes an optional summer interim in one of these incredible locations. You will be able to deepen your knowledge in topics such as intercultural negotiation, sports communication, and global perspectives on public relations.

Experience Politics First-Hand

Emerson’s globally acclaimed Political Communication program prepares you for leadership in a political career.  Emerson Polling, recognized by many as one of the most accurate and trusted sources, provides you with the opportunity to study issues and opinions through direct analysis of the political mosaic, and you will have the opportunity to engage in public diplomacy civic engagement projects for direct and personal experience in the art of politics.

Widen your Perspective on the World

Explore the variety of viewpoints available on Franklin’s international campus and take away a new perspective on cultural differences that will enhance your studies at Emerson and ultimately your career in political leadership.

  • The First Year Seminar at Franklin pairs you with a professor in your desired discipline, focuses on Franklin's unique culture and the larger Swiss community, and provides a basis for cross-cultural interactions and life in a multicultural environment.

  • At Emerson you will have the chance to engage with voters and candidates in and around Boston during significant political events such as state primaries, midterm elections, and presidential elections.

  • Lugano gives you access to the LAC, Lugano Arte e Cultura, the city’s new Arts Center; as well as cultural and art festivals throughout the year. Located between the urban and the alpine countryside, students see the political realities of Switzerland and Europe.

  • Engaging free panels and events are found on Emerson’s Boston campus, featuring notable speakers and covering a variety of topics in politics, communication, and more.

  • Franklin is a short train ride from Milan, the commercial center of northern Italy, where you will find not only another vibrant cultural center to explore, but also easy access to other major European cities.


Students will spend their first two years at Franklin, a summer interim session at Kasteel Well, the Netherlands, or in Sydney, Australia, and their second two years at Emerson. Upon completion of the program, students will have earned two degrees: an associate's degree from Franklin and a B.A. from Emerson.

Year One: Franklin

Sample Curriculum

Year Two: Franklin

Sample Curriculum

Year Three: Emerson

Sample Curriculum

Year Four: Emerson

Sample Curriculum

Recommended Emerson BCE Electives by Tracks

Issue Advocacy

Electoral Politics

Politics and Diplomacy

Politics and Non-Profit

Politics and Law

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