Summer 2020 Session 2 Course Offerings

For course descriptions and syllabi, click a course code below. Links to syllabi for upcoming semesters are added as they become available.

The University reserves the right to change course offerings and scheduling.

CourseSecCourse TitleDaysStartEndInstructor
BUS 4101Organizational Behavior and LeadershipMTWT08:3011:05Ambrosio
CLCS 2951Language and CultureMTWT08:3011:05Rutkowski
ECN 1001Principles of MacroeconomicsMTWT08:3011:05Stack
PSY 2971Psychology of ImmigrationMTWT08:3011:05Lopez
ECN 2971Financing Sustainable DevelopmentMTWT11:3014:05Duroy
ITA 2011Intermediate Italian, Part IIMTWT11:3014:05Oreggioni
POL 3761International Environmental PoliticsMTWT11:3014:05Zanecchia
REL 2961Three Faiths, One God: Judaism, ChristiaMTWT11:3014:05Novikoff
STA 2301The Fashion of FormMTWT11:3014:05Dalfonzo
BUS 3571Global Information SystemsMTWT14:3017:05Della Corte
COM 2951Media Consumption, Fashion, and IdentityMTWT14:3017:05Sugiyama
ITA 1011Introductory Italian, Part IIMTWT14:3017:05Oreggioni
POL 1011Introduction to International RelationsMTWT14:3017:05Bucher
WTG 2001Adv Academic Writing: Ethics at WorkMTWT14:3017:05Rutkowski
STA 280T*1Adventures in Printmaking (Poland)M-F08:0017:00Zdanski
BIO 297*1Wilderness Medicine in Changing ClimateM-F08:3017:05Della Croce

*Dates for these Interim Session courses do not coincide with the regular session dates. Plan your schedule accordingly with your advisor.