The 2023 - 24 Green Office ScholarsFranklin University Switzerland is committed to establishing sustainability initiatives to address the urgent challenges facing our planet and the people on it. We have developed a wide range of sustainability-related projects, programs, courses and more. 

Aimed at consolidating, developing, and implementing sustainability initiatives at all levels of the Franklin community, the Franklin University Switzerland Green Office (FUS GO) was launched.  As a student-fueled center for sustainability programs, the FUS GO operates within five different branches: campus operations, event coordination, education and research, external affairs and projects, and marketing and communications. The FUS GO is a member of the Green Office Movement, and it is the only member of the GO Movement officially recognized at a Swiss and an American university.

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Our Mission

The FUS GO works to integrate sustainability into all aspects of the university, serving as a resource for students, faculty, staff, alumni and the global community. The GO institutionalizes sustainability through multifaceted and interdisciplinary approaches, pioneering sustainability initiatives within FUS and beyond.



We are committed to advancing and integrating diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our mission. We center environmental and social justice in all of our efforts.

Our Role

The FUS GO is Franklin's competency center and hub for sustainability, serving as a space for collaboration, joint initiatives, and real-world applications of sustainability policies within the university and global communities.


The FUS GOals: 

  1. Foster a culture of sustainability both on and off campus.
  2. Establish a strong presence, and high visibility, for sustainability programs within the university structure 
  3. Build an inclusive and just campus-wide community that expands sustainability thinking
  4. Work towards the goal of being a carbon-neutral campus by 2050 (2019 Capstone Climate Action Plan) 
  5. Promote sustainable and responsible Academic Travel
  6. Expand sustainability-related courses into all academic disciplines as a part of the required curriculum
  7. Partner with the local community and other organizations to promote sustainability beyond FUS
Jean Wu (Founding Director, Green Office Sustainability Programs)

I am proud of our GO Scholars, who work tirelessly to transform Franklin into a more sustainable and just University. I am proud of our administration for their support of sustainability and the Franklin values. And I am proud of our faculty and staff, who inspire with their innovation, passion and kindness. On behalf of the Green Office: thank you Franklin community.

Grace Meller (GO Scholar – Education and Research)

Working in sustainability and facing the depths of climate change isn’t a light task. But the community and passion the Green Office provides have proven that there are so many ideas and solutions out there, we just need to work together and build on others’ ideas!

Skylar Tempel (GO Scholar – Event Coordination)

My name is Skylar, and I am a third-year student at Franklin University Switzerland. I am an Environmental Science major and I am the Event Coordinator for the Green Office. I have been working in the Green Office since it began in the spring of 2022. My favorite part of being a GO scholar is having the resources to take what I am learning in the classroom and using them to create change in our community. It is so nice to be actively working towards improving our school and our local community. I have been learning a lot about how intersectional environmentalism really is and how important it is to collect different perspectives. One of my favorite memories from the Green Office is our Earth Day garden party. It’s so much fun to come together as a group to celebrate our work and our beautiful planet. It makes me so proud to be the first Green Office in Switzerland and to be a leader in our community as we address issues that affect all of us.

Rosie Turbyville (Sustainable Gardener)

Being a sustainable garden intern has been a great learning experience and it is very important to me. I think gardens are a beautiful way to bring a community together and promote a more sustainable way of living through the composting initiative and planting produce we can use ourselves.

Ghala Ashoor (GO Scholar – Campus Operations)

Something I learned this year working with the GO is that no idea is too ambitious when you are working with a team equally as ambitious and passionate as you are.

Tristan Cousin (Former GO Scholar)

Being in the garden and at the Green Office, I have learned the importance of having a clear strategy and common goal. Working alongside a small team and with limited resources has helped me practice adaptability and creativity. I have been able to practice working with people that I might not interact with on a daily basis, and have gotten some insight into the amount of work and energy it takes to build an effective campaign from the ground up, and put systems in place so that it can be passed on to future leaders.

Aly Mitu (Former GO Scholar)

Working at the Green Office has shown me that change is much more feasible when you work with people who are passionate about their cause.

Sophie Kendrick (Former Sustainable Gardener)

Working in the garden has taught me the importance of connecting with others through a mutual love and appreciation for the natural world. It’s always so exciting to eat something you grew from a seed with other amazing students.


Support the FUS Green Office as it works to develop, implement and support critically important sustainability initiatives at Franklin University Switzerland and beyond.



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